Enposs-Force Vietnam Co., Ltd has been established since 2017 Joint venture with ENPOSS power-saving device based in Seoul Korea.

Enposs Korea has research institutes in the United States, Japan, Korea University and the Korean Air Force Academy.

Enposs Korea is a high-tech enterprise, specializing in developing and manufacturing electrical energy optimization equipment. The efficiency of power-saving devices is from 5% ~ 15% and may be further dependent on the enterprise's electrical equipment and machines. The enterprise's electrical equipment has a large capacity, the more energy-saving effect (including harmonics distortion improvement, Increase the conductivity by free electron and improve the noise etc.).

Demand for power-saving of enterprises and private are becoming increasingly urgent. Nowadays, the power-saving market is growing fast. Force power-saving device is very convenient and easy to install.

With core technology products independently researched and developed, protecting the environment and customer interests are our company's goals, realizing global layout and fulfilling the world's environmental protection obligations.

Force power-saving technology accumulated from 2006 to 2020, has achieved a lot of success and has received several patents, product performance certification of more than 17 countries and has safety certification from Korea Test Center.

Force power-saving device has won the title of National Excellent Product and the Green Technology Certification Award issued by the Korean State. Realize the optimization of the causes of energy waste have reached the top international level today.

Force power-saving device can be used in different energy environments such as factories, commercial centers, office buildings, hotels, airports, banks, hospitals, electrical public transport, cruise ships and container ships, etc.

The company has successfully installed with Bitexco Commercial building Vietnam, Heineken Vietnam, Sinool International, Samsung Group Korea, Korea Tumbler Company, South Korea Puxiang Steel, Korea Subway Station, Carrefour Supermarket, and world famous companies such as McDonald's, Taiwan Zhengyi Group, Dubai Airport, IBM Database, Russian Railways and stations, Electrical Ferries between Denmark and Sweden etc.